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Keeping the X in Xmas |

As you might imagine, I am not the most adherent conscript of religion who ever walked this Earth. Like Richard Feynman, I hunger more so for new knowledge and enjoy “the pleasure of finding things out.” There remains so much still to discover.

By keeping the X in Xmas, I’m not taking a shot at religion, or Jesus, or anyone, really. Keeping the X in Xmas means maintaining a sense of mystery in the world. That there is always an X, a unknown variable, always something to be solved for, or puzzled over, or simply not fully understood.

Starting and running this blog has reminded me that there are many of you out there who see the world through similar eyes. For those who have joined my quest for X, searching out truth in the welcoming void, the cozy dark, I salute you and thank you for joining me. We are travelers on the same road, even if we never meet.

- ZU

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